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    What may have started as a hope to drive social consciousness and conversation, has morphed into a repository for all my writing. Theme no longer exists to cast ambience to my words. I write and therefore I am. I, no longer weighed down by the anchor of relating content to theme, am free to share a plethora of writings, from Taoist parables to poetry. And to write about topics that inspire rather than conspire.

My Scroll

Steady life passes to the left
Memories now curled
Past a million words and yet
A mere peek into my world

Sheltered Thanks

Sorrows drip from leaking eaves
Chasing a path to fertile ground
Like angel’s tears upon green leaves
Flowed off with nary a sound

How to Kill a Series

How do you kill a series? Well, it is a lot simpler than you may think.

‘Reflected Truth’ Poem on ‘It’s All About Love’

My latest poem, ‘Reflected Truth’, available now, only at ‘It’s All About Love’!

The Mist

Is it cloud that falls so gently
When mountain top is kissed
Or does it rise from the valley
This cold and haunting mist

Aboard an Autumn Ship

Greenery remains aloft
As yet to take the plunge
And dapples mountain far as soft
As painter’s well-worn sponge

Slings and Arrows

My heart cannot withstand such strife
Like the body easily can
For things that harm the heart
Can kill the inner man

The Lone Wolf – A Poem

Singular set of prints
Fade into distant snow
Scarring a tacit hint
In valley far below

The Lone Wolf – A Challenge Accepted

Whether they are run off by the breeding male or leave on their own, their exclusion from the pack is more a necessity than an altruistic choice.

Friday’s Phrase – Raining Cats and Dogs

This is a very common phrase, and a great number of variations span across many languages. It is also one that has held onto more than one long-standing mythical etymology that swirls through the internet today.


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