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    What may have started as a hope to drive social consciousness and conversation, has morphed into a repository for all my writing. Theme no longer exists to cast ambience to my words. I write and therefore I am. I, no longer weighed down by the anchor of relating content to theme, am free to share a plethora of writings, from Taoist parables to poetry. And to write about topics that inspire rather than conspire.

Got Time?

No longer can I just sit and write whenever I want, patiently waiting and then scratching the itch like crazy as soon as it appears.

Just a Drop

Freezing attitudes harden you to the world
Your rigidity ever apparent in your icy state

Got Baggage?

Recently a close friend referred to needing to end the pursuit of a love interest because they had too much “baggage”. I understood immediately this was not the literal possession of a vast number of suitcases. It was a representation of emotions, feelings, hurts, or misperceptions that someone carries with them long after the event … Continue reading

My Heart

The day we kissed
You stole my heart
And have it with you still

The Best Gift of All

When you stopped being the goal,
The pain in having you was clear

Friday’s Phrase – An Arm and a Leg

Later, I heard the tale that portrait painters used to charge more for larger paintings and that a head and shoulders painting was the cheapest option, followed in price by one which included arms and finally the top of the range ‘legs and all’ portrait.

The Spoken Word

There are regrets for things I have said. The times when honesty lacked the tempering of compassion. When emotions ruled over kindness.

How Are You?

When you are asked that question, how do you respond? Are you truthful about where your head is at?


Time is sleeping softly now,
As though it will never awaken;

Once vs Always

With knowledge comes the opportunity to accept or reject any behavior and set our own line for what is acceptable. But deception leaves us feeling the fool and being taken advantage of. Something that is innately reductive to our own self-esteem.

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GETTING CREATIVE- this is my little creative corner in the world where I have my music, my stories sometimes combined with my music (read the story and you’ll find the song), poems (or really, really short stories as I like to call them 😉), audio stories and audio poems (for those of you who prefer to listen), my digital drawings and sometimes I even throw in some quotes for inspiration 😊.


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