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    Small repository
    Place to tell a story
    Or give rhyme to full verse
    Yet remembering first
    It is all about the words
    Rare ones as yet unheard
    Poignant typed ink to share
    A larger world out there
    Share your words without fear
    Shout loudly so they hear
    I’ll make another choice
    Shout here and save my voice

100,000 Words

  It is time to take a step back for a moment, once again, to celebrate and recognize a unique milestone for my blog. As with most bloggers, I always keep a keen eye to likes and followers and such. But the most recent milestone probably means more to me than any other. Within this … Continue reading

Unbroken Night

There are times when you think you will not get out alive,
When forces are plotted against your plan to survive

Silent Siren

Another talented writer who creates a sensual and sexual world, dripping with the want and playfulness of a mischievous Harlequin doll. She writes from a place of no shame in who she is and does so in a world full of stigmas. How brave is that?


I have endeavored to return her kindness in poetic form. The poem below is dedicated to her and is a poor representation of what it must feel like to be drawn to this other-worldly beautiful woman and be snared in her practiced charms. Thank you, dearest Jupiter, and know I will always be your moon!

New Adages Volume III

  This is yet another in the series of adages that resisted form. You can read of my lament in my original post ‘New World Adages’. A long dissertation on the differences between quotes, proverbs, and adages, finishing with a few hopeful additions to the book of words to live by. I added to this … Continue reading

Whittled Words – Shadorma Poem

Shadorma is a Spanish poetic form composed of any number of 6-line stanzas. No required rhyme schemes. A great way to hone syllabic meter. Simple as that!


Of their cherished ancestry,
Cursed oppression through history,
Colored and grained tapestry

Lunch Break

The cool breeze of river air,
Mattes canvas in primer white,
Broad strokes with brush bristle fair,
Paints din of cars turning right

Greatest Moments

The greatest moments in life,
Are as fine gems in the earth

The Abyss

Each small step we take in life,
Leads to an unseen abyss

Steps In Between

Celaine Charles ~ My journey as a writer ~ CLICK above for Sunday Articles


Just grin and bear it awhile :)

Jupiter's Lair

Because a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste...

Kelly Huntson

~ All of Me ~

Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table

Live Simply Love Deeply Dine Well

Harley Unhinged

♠️This is the new sh!t♥️

Painted Poems

Make your life a poem.


The Feel Of Arts


In life's amazing journey, we begin and end with love.

meena's blog

soulful thoughts

Borden's Blather

A 60-something guy trying to figure out the world, and his place in it.