Hope Is Not a Verb

“I was never crippled until I lost hope. Believe me, the loss of hope is far worse than the loss of limbs.” Nick Vujicic

The View

Their journey was long, from their small temple in a humble village in the valley, across the mountain path to the city beyond…

Learning From Mistakes

Beginning the concept of “learning from other’s mistakes” with the hopes of anyone avoiding a given risk or its consequences is unreasonable.

A Lick and a Promise

This week’s phrase:
“a lick and a promise”


Words thrown at a thought,
like darts at a board…

Just Self Expression?

Prior to a recent event, if asked, I would have said that I write solely as a form of expression. That my words flow out seeking nothing more than release. That I was not interested in who, or how many, would ever read the words.

The Biker’s Creed

I will learn it’s limits, and use my skill to become one with my machine,
so that we may keep each other alive.

Test Driving Retirement

Recently, I have been privileged enough to enjoy, what I refer to as, a short hiatus or sabbatical from my otherwise non-stop career. I took retirement for a test drive, as my friends often say.

How to Unplan a Trip

This upcoming trip, I had decided to pass the baton. There were only three of us and the date was easy. I welcomed the chance to not be burdened with the detail and minutia of planning things.

Engrooved Splash Productions

Enjoying Life Through Photographic Arts

Be Inspired..!!

Listen to your inner self..it has all the answers..

Happiness Inn

3R- Refresh, Redesign, and Relaunch from here,enrich your mind and transform positively, Self help initiative

the !n(tro)verted yogi

a topsy-turvy life of quietude

A Writer's Soul

"Diving into a writers soul is discovering the broken treasure and beautiful mysteries that make you gasp for air."

Chasing Wanderlove

Expanding horizons. Finding beautiful places to get lost in...


Write like it matters and it will!

Beyond Bounds

Sharing thoughts. Changing perspectives.

The Art of Blogging

For bloggers who aspire to inspire


GETTING CREATIVE- this is my little creative corner in the world where I have my music, my stories sometimes combined with my music (read the story and you’ll find the song), poems (or really, really short stories as I like to call them 😉), audio stories and audio poems (for those of you who prefer to listen), my digital drawings and sometimes I even throw in some quotes for inspiration 😊.


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Learning to write

Just your average PhD student using the internet to enhance their CV

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

(Somewhat) Daily News from the World of Literary Nonfiction

RTW Roxy

23 years old girl travelling solo on a motorcycle.

Ride, explore, tell a story

The world is best seen from the seat of a motorbike.

Melody Chen



Poetry For The Soul