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    Small repository
    Place to tell a story
    Or give rhyme to full verse
    Yet remembering first
    It is all about the words
    Rare ones as yet unheard
    Poignant typed ink to share
    A larger world out there
    Share your words without fear
    Shout loudly so they hear
    I’ll make another choice
    Shout here and save my voice

If Love Was

If love was worth gold,
You would be priceless still…

On Scherian Shores

And when Alcinous asked of love,
Odysseus gave pause to think…

By Any Other Name

Just hops and grain,
To soothe the brain,
So why am I to blame,
For an unfortunate name.


There is no mystery in why you look to the sky,
When you wonder who exactly you are…

We The People

There is greater understanding now,
A global view of connections…

Whittled Words – Bref Double Poem

I’ve always been an admirer of French poetic forms, and I’m intrigued by the unusual flexibility offered with the bref double.

Trying Times

These are the times when mettle tested,
When we are measured and weighed…

Holding On

Fear not,
I am here,
Never far away.

I didn't have my glasses on....

A trip through life with fingers crossed and eternal optimism.

Wild Scared Crazy

It's an uncertain life!

Omnia Caelum... Poetry, Art, Music

Live like you would die tomorrow, learn like you would live forever! (Gandhi) All artwork, music and photography is of my creation and all are originals if not otherwise stated.

The Lustful Empress

18+ only ~ Art ~ Writing ~ Sex ~ Spirit ~


feelings, thoughts and dilemmas

Pete Springer

Passionate Teacher and Future Children's Author


Striving to see beyond what is meant to be seen, even silences screech like barbaric yawps!

interests of a quiet taoist

a friendly ordinary human & philosophical nobody. interested in the meaningful, nature of pragmatic virtue & better environments.


I discover, motivate and rejuvenate here !!


For those who love life


Philosophy is all about being curious, asking basic questions. And it can be fun!