Just Six Feet

If you had told me that sitting six feet away from someone and never saying a word would create a bond between the two, I may have reasonably thought you mad.

My love of language makes me believe that nothing conveys thought or emotion better than words. I believe that shared conversations, thoughts, fears, laughter are what leads to the depths of knowing someone and, in turn, a greater respect and fonder love.

Yet, I have learned that the only thing required to know someone better or build a deeper understanding is to be present, to share the same space. Just as important as the words we say to each other are the moments of just being together. Our thoughts, fears, wants, hopes, humor and all manner of who we are can be tangible even when nothing is spoken.

Oh, we had our conversations during the short moments we could. And maybe, the brevity of those moments required us to distill our words. To say what needed to be said without flourish or fanfare. Small chances to share in words before our voices could no longer be heard.

And, before I know it, we are saddling back up again. He pulls out just six feet ahead of me, pipes roaring. That tombstone taillight burnt into my memory as the odometer clocks the miles.

That is where our bond was born, on the open road, just six feet away from each other, never saying a word.

2 Responses to “Just Six Feet”
    • Brad Osborne says:

      Yes travellinstranger, it was written about the remaining time I had with my brother before he passed. I had often joked that the reason we were able to ride together and get along so well, is that when we were riding, 95% of the time we couldn’t talk to each other. Those damn Harley pipes are so loud, Thank you for reading and asking. Safe travels to you and yours.

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