My Girl

Yeah, she shows some wear.

Any woman her age would.

She has had some hard miles in her life

and I have been with her for all of them.


We weathered the good times

and the stormy days together.

I have laughed with her

and cried with her too.

And when the sum of life

weighed heaviest on me,

she would always find a way to make me smile.


That’s why I love her.

Even though she is a little wider in the hips

and has a few extra lines,

I still think she is stop-traffic sexy.

No matter what the future holds,

a piece of my heart will always be hers.


Lord, I love that motorcycle!

2 Responses to “My Girl”
  1. Does she have a name?

    • Brad Osborne says:

      Oddly enough, she does not. I do love my motorcycle, but I will never have the kind of attachment to anything material as to give it a name. And what would be the point, they never come when they are called anyway.

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