Unknown Love

Unknown Love ©

Penned by Brad Osborne


If you could see into my heart
And through my very soul,
You’d find a world of emptiness
Of pain I can’t control.

This anguish only you can mend
You’ll pacify my fears;
My unknown love, my hope, my wish,
Please, won’t you dry my tears?

I love you, though we’ve never met
I’m not sure when we will;
An expectation gone unfulfilled
Can make a person ill.

I dream of you both night and day,
I long to see your face;
For where your features ought to be –
A question mark’s in its place.

Thoughts of you can bring me joy,
But equally great pain;
While a thought may pass by fleetingly,
The loneliness remains.

I want a partner to stand by me
As both our lives we share;
I want to know that I am loved,
I need to feel you there.

I’ll share your joys and triumphs,
Rejoice when you are glad;
And I want to be the shoulder
That you lean on when you’re sad.

I want to know you through and through,
I want you to know me;
Ever tightening our bond
That gains strength through loyalty.

I’ve waited patiently so long
And though we’re worlds apart;
Step out my dreams into my arms,
Relieve my aching heart.

I live my life half-aimlessly
I’m waiting still, for you;
Please, come and end my misery
And make my dreams come true.

2 Responses to “Unknown Love”
  1. Mmhh, I get the feeling it ain’t about a motorbike this time. 😁

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