Poetry in Stereo

Today,I was reading through the posts of blogs I follow. It has only been two days since I posted an entry about hearing my own words read back to me by my word processing software (“Hearing Your Words“). My entry tried to describe the surreal feeling that was. I had come to recognize that listening to my words being read aloud gave me the opportunity to simply hear and feel the words in a new way. I have continued to have fun with this feature since.

But this morning, when I visited the blog “MyStoriesWithMusic”, I was struck by another instance where hearing the words was much different than reading them. The author of the blog, Hilde Juvodden, is an accomplished artist in every sense. In her blog she shares her music and songs, her drawings and paintings, her poetry and prose, and her lyrical stories. As an audio artist, she shares her music, songs, and stories set to original music with great ease. She is an obvious master at multi-media blogging.

When I visited today, she had posted an entry entitled “Poetry Night”. In it she read aloud three of her original poems, set with music and sound effects. I have always enjoyed all her artistry and her poetry was never an exception. But to hear her voice read the lines and verses to me, with all the feeling of tone, intonation and nuance that is the human voice, delivered by the author who first felt and transcribed those feelings, was amazing in its effect.

Much like hearing my own work read to me, I was freed from the reading and deciphering of scenes and emotions that were trying to be conveyed. I did not have to flex my imagination to enter the world the writer evoked. I was given scene and sense in every lilt of her voice, every dramatic pause, and every whispered tone. I was moved by listening in a way I could not have been in reading. She gave me chills. Can’t remember the last time that happened to me reading something.

I share this as an encouragement to other bloggers, myself included. If you are looking for ways to provide more multi-media content for your site, to more deeply touch a reader, to brand the uniqueness of your work, or to share more of ‘you’ in the you that you share, this could be an option. Even, if it is just you speaking your words without flourish or fanfare. A human voice is the greatest instrument of all. The work it may take to familiarize ourselves with exactly how to do this on our own blogs will be well-worth the effort, and surely pay dividends.

Visit Hilde’s site. See if you don’t feel a difference too.

3 Responses to “Poetry in Stereo”
  1. Thank you so much, this is very kind of you! 😀

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