10 Things Drivers Don’t Know


Here are ten things motorcyclists know that drivers don’t.

 1.     There is only seeing.

Looking and not seeing does not exist. You look, you see, and you act accordingly. It is required of us always and it applies to you too.

 2.     Acceleration/Speed

You don’t know what responsive is till you twist a grip and feel your front tire lift. And your speed has no reference like the one provided by the rush of asphalt, roar of wind, and flash of scenery that is riding.

3.     Community

We are one. When is the last time you waved to someone just because they were driving?

 4.     Blind Spots

We all have them, even motorcycles, but your lack of attention in checking yours may cost me my life.

5.     It’s more than transportation

It is recreation, communing, and lifestyle. We ride when we have nowhere to go.

 6.     Safety

Motorcycling can be safe, if we ride sensibly and within our skills. Our greatest hazard is likely you.

 7.     Road Position

You have one line through a corner and your only job is to stay in your lane. There is a bit more to it for us.

 8.     Cold/Heat/Pain

Wrapped in your metal cocoons, you will never know the cold of freezing feet or hands on late season rides; or the blister of asphalt, engine, and sun conspiring against you at every stoplight; or the pelting sting of rain from a chance afternoon shower.

 9.     Risk

You are blissfully unaware of much risk, as you flit about in cages. We are alert to the risks we face. They fuel our greater awareness on the road.

 10. The World Around

Trapped in your tin cans, blocking out the world, you forego feeling the ebbs between sun and shade; the smells that linger down wooded lanes; the sight of majestic canopy looming above; the flavor of freedom sprinkled on the open road; the call of bird from field or the roar of pipes echoing off tunnel walls. Yet, that is why we ride. To live!

2 Responses to “10 Things Drivers Don’t Know”
  1. Riding a motorbike makes better drivers. I’m sure of this.

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