Still Waters

It is overwhelming.

Thoughts and words whirl in my head desperate for release.

Churning like the sea in a hurricane.

No structure. No sense. No rhyme or reason.

The pressure building till pen and paper burst the dam.

A torrent of flimsy concepts, half thoughts,

and unrefined prose spew across the page.

Arrows and notations digging furrows for the flood of words.

Pushing and prodding them to pool together.

Watching as some spill and slosh past the barriers I hastily contrive.

The rush strong enough to make its own channels where it must.

When the flow subsides, I erect levy and dam

to hold and shape the areas now filled.

The waters still and the sediment of unnecessary words

and exhausted thoughts fall away.

The pool begins to clear and marry phrase with form.

Complete ideas sparkle across the surface as it calms.

I can sit back and enjoy a moment’s quiet in this space.

Till the scratch of pen again digs at the mortar of my mind

and the next deluge begins.

2 Responses to “Still Waters”
  1. Wonderfully woven words, it’s a delight to read .The Writers struggle to reach that clarity to surface from too many thoughts that cloud at once..

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