Why Write At All?


It’s Hard

Trying to encapsulate your thoughts and ideas into cohesive written form is inherently difficult. We all struggle with making common words depict the grander concepts running through our heads.

It’s Long

Rarely does a finished piece of writing flash onto the page complete and perfect. We often set them aside to return when words are not stale from composition; so that we may edit, enhance, and distill our thoughts with fresh perspective. It may be months before we feel it is done.

It’s Lonely

You are the only person who knows what you are seeking to convey in your writing. No one can place the words together for you. You must reach inside yourself and pull the words loose with your own strength and courage.

It’s Scary

Putting all that we are on paper exposes us to risk. Risk of judgement. Risk of failure. Risk of misinterpretation. And, where there is risk there is fear. We must overcome our own fears.

It’s Chaotic

Our thoughts do not come with bows binding them together. They are like glass shards that pass through our minds. We must still our minds and put the pieces back in their places carefully and completely to see through the windowpane clearly.

It’s Imperfect

We must view our own work with less critical eyes. Eyes that can see perfection is knowingly unobtainable. We write to the best of our abilities and must decide to share our creations, even with their imperfections.



It’s Easy

If basic language skills are not a barrier, writing is easy. We all do it. It is nothing more than writing an email or having a conversation. We put words together to convey specific meaning or intent.

It’s Short

Writing can take many forms. Great tomes of words are only one. There is brevity and conciseness in many others. Whole stories can be told in one sentence.

It’s Crowded

There is a whole community of like-minded people, writing on their own, that will read and support our endeavors. They will help us find our uniqueness and our vision.

It’s Fearless

By finding the courage of our words, we take power away from the negativity of judgement or failure. All judgements are subjective. And, the only failure is to stop trying.

It’s Peaceful

Making the time to calm the tempest of our thoughts allows us to find our center, find our voice, and rest in the shade that is our self-expression.

It’s Perfect

No matter what we write, there is an inherent flawlessness. The breadth and width of human thoughts and emotions trump any precept of excellence and rest on the sublime.

5 Responses to “Why Write At All?”
  1. Husain Necklace says:

    I completely agree!
    Very well written! Great work! 😁

  2. Eloquent and articulate! Great article!

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