Finding Inspiration

I have never put much thought into where my inspiration comes from. When I felt the muse to write, topics and content just always seemed to be there. Sure, there are some I can directly relate to a recent experience, a long-held belief, or an interesting or challenging topic. But, many of the others, were just seemingly there waiting for their own reasons. In the process of getting the words out, I gave little thought to what provoked them. I guess I was happy that they came at all and worried less about where they may have come from.

 When I first returned to writing my blog. I wrote voraciously and held entries for posting, as I did not want to go overboard with content. It was also a comfort to have articles in the wings, for fear the words would stop just as suddenly as they began. This may well have been my mind sweeping out the cobwebs of thought that had lingered there in my five-year hiatus. I have written about how I had to have paper and pen at the ready, as one entry provoked fractions and tangents of others. It was a consumptive and challenging time, as I felt compelled to put ink to paper.

 But it did come in handy. On my recent week-long vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains, I had expected to be overwhelmed with inspiration from all around me. The natural beauty, the peace and tranquility, the camaraderie of close friends. But alas, at the end of each day, I could not put words on paper. All the inspiration was there, but the writing didn’t happen. Maybe it was the timing. Maybe, these inspirations need to meander and marinate through my mind, before they are willing to assemble in any digestible fashion. Maybe, I was just tired after a long day of riding in the sun. Possibly, part of being on vacation is breaking your routine. For whatever reason, it just didn’t happen. Luckily, I had content to post each day while I was away.

 When I returned, my safety net of completed entries had dwindled, but I had a series to write about my trip. That kept me busy and stocked with content. Retelling those stories also sparked obvious other entries which were shared throughout the series. But now the series is complete. And I must resume to finding inspiration and content elsewhere. I am sure some of the inspiration from my trip, and all it held, will drip out of my head eventually. But posting of timely content will not abide what can be a long process of finding form.

 I was faced with the unusual task of finding inspiration when it wouldn’t flow naturally. Or just wasn’t flowing enough.

Thankfully, my absence was also the answer. It meant that I had a lot of reading to do when I got home. I follow several blogs, and dearly enjoy reading their posts. They are uplifting, well written, honest and, most importantly, inspiring. Catching up with these artists was all I needed. Their words and art like the rains to the savannah.

 As a thanks to just a few of these inspirational people, I would like to recognize them for my readers.

 the !n(tro)verted yogi is written by Bernie Gourley, a blogger who brings beauty with his photographs and words. A true renaissance man sharing his well-travelled experiences, his unique eye, and positive beliefs connecting mind, body, and spirit.

 Thoughts of a Taoist Bookseller is written by Cassie, a young lady who openly shares her spiritual journey to the practice of Taoism. As a fellow Taoist, her reflective writings renew my own beliefs. And, her book reviews are insightful and honest.

 A Writer’s Soul, a blog filled with lyrical and captivating open form poetry and prose. The young author paints vivid scene and shared emotion gracefully. Her words always inspire my own.

 And there are great artists and authors that I cannot list, for the sake of brevity, but can easily be found. My point to all this? If you ever lack inspiration, just look and read. We are surrounded by a community of inspirational people and stories. If you cannot recognize it in others, you will be hard-pressed to provide it yourself. Go, be inspired!

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