Going Dark

Going Dark ©

Penned by Brad Osborne


That space in my heart is cold now

Not the cold of raised bumps on flesh

Or the chill that shudders the body

But the cold of emptiness

An absence of anything


The place within that warmed with the thought of you

Has grown dark, silent and barren

Fed by folly, a small glow was fanned to a roaring flame

Even then, I knew it would not be eternal

Nothing burning that bright ever is


I don’t know what I hoped for

I am not even sure what I got

I only know that it does not remain

No matter how hard I search

Only darkness exists there now


It will, in time, be filled again

Another will spark the tinder

The flame and warmth will return

My only hope to make it last

Is applying these lessons learned


This space, reserved for the most intimate

Does not shadow all the other warm, well-lit places

It is but one flame in the candelabra of life

It is not permanently extinguished

It simply waits patiently to be rekindled

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