Going Deaf

Going Deaf ©

Penned by Brad Osborne


No longer do the sounds reach my ears

No vibrations pulsing with your words

The sweet murmurs have grown quiet

And in their absence is only silence


The lyrics of your voice no longer captivate

The lilt of love now just a faint memory

No talk of the now or the then

And no words shared of the future


All the caring things said hold no resonance

And the feelings left unsaid no reason

The orations of devout and undying love

Now fall blindly on deaf ears, numb to the noise


So many things genuinely said

The love and kindness spoken

Have lived an abbreviated life

Now offering nothing to hold onto


The heartfelt expressions of yesterdays

Do not reverberate in the todays

Your words will always be a whisper

When your actions tend to shout


But in those quietest and lonely times

If I struggle to listen closely enough

The harsh and hateful spoken but once

Echo softly from the scars on my heart

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