Just One Question

When I first started my blog in 2013, I had purchased an upgraded plan from WordPress, drawn by the unique identity of having my own domain name and a greater opportunity to customize my site. I may have held the belief that the future offered a mass following or readership and would lead to a more formalized and monetized web site.

Upon my recent return to a love of writing and a desire to more seriously express myself in written word, my subscription to the upgraded plan had expired. I returned with a focus on writing, creativity, and expression. Gone was the sense or need to have my blog be anything more than what it is, a convenient place to write, store and share my words. Also gone was any need of validation from the metrics we so readily judge our work with. I share because I want to, but I write because I need to. Any measurement or judgement of my work will not dissuade the need that is part of who I am. I had foregone this need for many years, but I am happy to be back to placating that internal itch. I am happy to be writing again.

Even in the beginning, when there may have been grandiose plans of my blog’s future, I wanted to keep it simple, easily navigated, and well organized for the convenience of my readers. I avoided bells, whistles, and inordinate use of graphics or media. I didn’t even bother with images at all, featured or otherwise. My focus was on my words. This simplicity and lack of visual fanfare helps me to feel that my readers are returning for the content, not the glitz or production value.

All that being said, I chose not to upgrade my site when I returned to writing. The increased metrics, domain name, widgets, and expanded media all hold no sway for me anymore. However, I have come to realize that my content is now pushed with advertising neither I nor my readers truly want. It is the price you pay for being here for free. But I am not a miser when it comes to the reasonable price of upgrading. I have spent much more on things much more frivolous. But, as my views had changed, I felt no compulsion to add anything but my words.

Now, I wonder if the unsolicited advertising makes a difference to my readers. And luckily, I have a format to ask them directly. I know that I am asking much of my readers in providing more than a click of acknowledgement, but you are the only people who can answer this simple question for me.

So, I ask each of my readers to respond with a comment. Getting people to leave comments seems an unusual hurdle on this platform, so I will make it as easy as possible for you. And I promise my readers this is not a ploy to drive up ‘comment’ metrics, but an honest want to provide my readers the most pleasurable experience when visiting my blog. My only concern being the advertising, as I still hold no desire to make my site any fancier or flashier.

Here is the question, “Would you prefer to see my posts with the advertising removed?”

A simple ‘Yes’ in the comments will indicate you prefer the advertising be removed. A simple ‘No’ in the comments will indicate the advertising does not detract from the content or enjoyment of my blog. I know I am asking a lot of my readers, but who else can I ask?

Thanks for your honest opinions and continued readership! I look forward to your responses.

6 Responses to “Just One Question”
  1. edward dougherty says:

    No….. although I don’t see any advertising or graphics. I receive an email notification that you’ve posted a new work and that is where I read it because I can increase font size to make it easier on these ageing eyes. I do need to log in to comment or “LIKE” your post. After logging in I’ll see any graphic in your post but still no advertising.

    • Brad Osborne says:


      Thank you for your response. I am under the impression that advertising is randomly placed in the body of the email messages. I see it on others I follow. But maybe I am mistaken or do not understand how WordPress uses its advertising. I will need to look into this more I guess. Thanks!

  2. zed14 says:

    My preference is no adds. But saying that, would it stop me reading a blog – no.

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