Thanks to You

This week’s ‘Friday’s Phrase’ entry celebrates my 100th blog post.

In the proliferation of content that was my return to blogging after years of absence, I have been happy to see the metrics of my blog again show signs of life. For years, they lay stagnated by inattention. Unimportant only because they remained unseen. Though metrics should not be the all or nothing we measure ourselves by, they are a realistic, if not always kind, representation of our success as creative artists.

I have also returned to a great sense of community, to being supported and inspired by fellow writers and artists. Connected again to the joy of moving others and, in turn, being moved by them. There is a connection to my deeper self that is not shared with everyone I meet. The ‘me’ exposed to even my newest readers is a facet of who I am, one rarely seen in the world that exists beyond my keyboard. I do not hide that part of who I am, but I do not share it unless asked. If you don’t ask, I assume you don’t care, and any discussion of my writing would then feel braggadocios and self-fulfilling to me. And if you did ask, I would direct you here anyway, as any oration of my thoughts or feelings does not provide the space, time, or reflection required to accurately articulate what they are. It is my writing alone that allows me to express so much more then I could ever speak.

And our community has been overly generous in their support of my work. I have watched certain numerical milestones of likes, views, followers, and such pass by. I am always excited to reach an arbitrary number, fueled by the notifications from WordPress highlighting the achievement. But I will admit to being too embarrassed to share them with my readers, even in this space I deem so safe. When I look at my numbers compared to the writers and artists I follow or most admire, they are paltry at best. To sound the fanfare for these small achievements feels like I am an adult seeking recognition for being able to tie my shoes. And, like most, I hate tooting my own horn anyway. So, I have quietly let them pass.

But I cannot let them pass without some recognition. I want to recognize, and more importantly thank, all of you, my readers, who have made those numbers go by. I will always need to write. It’s an addiction. But the support and recognition from you is what makes it a joy. I thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart, for your kind words and continued support. And I thank you for your creativity and artistry that is an inspiration for my own life and work.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

One Response to “Thanks to You”
  1. edward dougherty says:

    No, thank you for sharing

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