We tell them they are all snowflakes

Each unique in form and structure

Though youth has denied the winters

The cold and freezing times when life is hard

That force that brings crystalline beauty

Their lives shaded from melting sun

We cherish and protect them

Lest they perish in the heat of real life

Raindrops are not pretty or grand enough

As reference to our progeny and prodigy


We see ourselves in these tiny reflections

sharing in their struggle to find their place

We spin to the positive anything less than

Supporting the unique individual

With expectations less than the common

We provide overly fertilized soil

In the hope they grow tall and strong

Their sadness, failures, and faults

Wiped away like a tear from their cheek

Burdens that threaten still fragile foundations


We do not prepare them to fall

Onto the snow-covered fields of life

Taking their place among all the other snowflakes

Where mass and mound delude the singularity

Individuality now a vast sea of white

Where smog from the outside world

Can tinge and color the brightest glare

Where others trod and break glassy surface

The sun testing the strength of character

Winds carrying constant change


Better it would be to be a raindrop

Only fractionally different from the thousands of others

Not less and not more

Holding all the same potential to be great or small

Knowing that only with others

Can grandness of ocean exist

Insignificant is where they fall

Or from where winds may blow

The only importance

The path they take once they get there

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