Choose a Path

When seeking a path through the valley of life

Eyes are drawn to the more obvious

The well-worn trek of all who have gone before

Where stumbling rock and strewn branch

Do not hinder the pace or direction

The stamped earth meandering

Beside gurgling mountain stream

Always close to this vital resource

Slaking our thirsts as quickly as they arise

A gentle slope easing each step

Almost steering our perceived choices

The heavy canopy only noon can pierce

With glaring ray through broken roof

Sheltering the way from sun and rain

Eyes adjust to what is always half light

And squint when night offers even less

The steps are routine with little danger

Each prompting the expected next

Trees limit the view of forest from here

Where we expect naught save more trees

Our focus on destination rather than path


But there lies another way

Not easily seen or found

The trailhead not cut blatantly

By the travel of many feet

Its direction not always easily discerned

A traveler must peer long and hard

To stay this slight and unobvious trail

Rock and underbrush abound

Conspiring against weary legs

It climbs away from the safety of stream

The slope requiring more effort, more struggle

The rise in elevation strains muscles

And thins the surrounding fauna

Here sunlight can overwhelm

Heightening the appreciation of shade

Starlight fills the night with a pale glow

The light as obvious as the beauty

Mist and fog greet day start and end

Forcing you to step into the unseen

Sustaining waters must be sought

And cherished as a life-giving gift

Below is seen the valley path

Congested with people choosing easier

Heading for the same destination

A destination that you can see from this height

And easily reach should you so choose

But the effort to take this lesser path

Allows you to choose so many other places to arrive

That those in the valley may never see

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