The Best Gift of All

When you stopped being the goal

The pain in having you was clear

Your effervescent validation sparkled a little less

So died the hope for kindness and genuine love

Crushed by your constant withdraw

Any wish for mutual respect or admiration

Dashed on the rocks of a narcissistic shore

The dream of a united future was just a mirage

As your hand steered us to the brink time and time again

No depth of love can be measured

If love withheld is a weapon

When your nod of approval

Was no longer the measure of my masculinity

Your expectations glared in the light of control

Manipulation and malfeasance

The tools used to enslave the heart

Are hard to see without some distance

Nothing you had given was priceless

Each thing tarnished by your own wants

When having your back meant being led or left behind

Because I can’t fix your insecurities

It was only when it all stopped

When I could no longer stay in safety

That the true nature of our union was seen

It was not the better person I was with you

That brought any strength of character

But how much better I was without you

That has fueled the greatest personal growth

All the things not given were the best gift of all

One Response to “The Best Gift of All”
  1. Well written. It resonated within me as I read it, wondering if I knew of whom you were writing…

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