Just a Drop

When you come as the rain on farmer’s field

We greet you with a smile of relief and hope

Your arrival the sustenance to our hard work


When you flail in the fury of driving storm

We curse you with tangible malice and hate

Fearful of the destruction you can leave behind


When you appear as the abundant and still lake

We frolic upon you and bask at your shores

Reveling in all you are and all you offer


When you fall as pristine flakes of snow

We watch in wonder of your beauty

Even when the beauty becomes a beast


In the views you obscure with blanketed fog

We must work harder to see things clearly

You the excuse for what we do not see


As flowing river rushing head long to the sea

We see strength that moves mountains

And carries all things to their rightful home


In vapor you adorn our skies with billow and cloud

A majestic and constantly changing tapestry

In which lovers find shapes and share secrets


Freezing attitudes harden you to the world

Your rigidity ever apparent in your icy state

Cast as an impediment to our safety and travel


When you stream down the face of the stricken

Your brine the necessary, visible carrier of pain

We find compassion and fight to make you vanish


We choose our admiration or annoyance

Based solely on how you appear in that moment

Though you always have and will always be just water


And no matter the external or internal that exists

We see others in the same wavering perception

Though they always have and will always be just people

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