Got Time?

For those of you who follow my posts, you have heard me talk about the seemingly endless entries of poems, prose and paragraphs that have hallmarked my return to writing my blog. When I questioned myself as to where all this material was coming from, I assumed it was just pent up expression now finding release once given the appropriate opportunity. My return to writing fully credited to the impact my loving sister has always had on my life. She started all this.

 If you have read my entry ‘Test Driving Retirement’, you are also aware that I have had plenty of time to devote to writing. Without external demands for my time, I could sit and write whenever the muse beckoned, no matter the day or time. I could wait for the words to come and pen them as soon as they arrived. But if you read that entire entry, you will remember this was a temporary sabbatical that had a clear end to that leisurely lifestyle.

 I have since started to dip my toes back into the labor pool. So far, it is nothing hugely demanding. I am currently helping a close friend to manage a busy and successful bar, restaurant, and hotel complex that he owns. I work in the evenings till close, allowing him some needed time away. His son is on an extended vacation out of the states, and I can fill in so that not all the daily operations fall on the shoulders of the person who should have retired by now.

 I don’t know how long this will last past the return of his son. I love the work, but this is more a kindness than a job, as the pay does not represent my experience, abilities, or professionalism. But it was never about the money, it was about being a good friend, so pay is not an issue in the short term. He could hire someone with a lot less experience who would be happy with the pay, he just may not sleep as well until the trust and reliance has been proven. I come with a convenient and proven track record of integrity that is beyond reproach. It is why my work can demand the value it does.

 That being said, I have also polished my resume and begun to look at other opportunities. My small efforts at reaching out have already produced some interview requests, which I must now schedule into my time. I will not leave the work I have until they are well-suited to replace me. That’s what making a commitment to someone means. But I must begin to flesh out other opportunities now, being clear to prospective employers about when my availability would likely begin.

 I want to start this process while I am still in a situation to reject an offer that is not suitable or not able to provide appropriate compensation. Alas, my writing does not pay the bills (yet).

 Add to this an increase in other demands for my time like, perfect motorcycle weather, untimely motorcycle maintenance (the old girl needs some work), social demands, and employment research, and suddenly each day no longer holds all the time in the world.

 The point of this post is that I have already begun to feel the impact of this lack of time on my writing. No longer can I just sit and write whenever I want, patiently waiting and then scratching the itch like crazy as soon as it appears. Now the time I devote to writing is scheduled by other demands. Now, when I find time to sit and write, my muse remains silent, choosing to show itself when writing is not convenient. Having thoughts and words pop into my head and then vanish before my fingers can get back to a keyboard.

 Thus, this happens. A post about my struggles when time becomes constrained. I sat to write something much more meaningful and richer, but that will likely come to me at work tonight and die in the hours till I get back home. Instead, I have time now and this is all I can find to write about. I am hoping that this reflects the past few days being a bit hectic and that my available time will return to something more like what I have become accustom to. But even if it does, the advent of returning to the daily work grind is just around the corner.

 It has made me appreciate all the fine writing I read on other’s blogs each day, because I know their lives are likely much more hectic than mine, yet they find the time and provocation to write beautiful works. I hope I will find that balance when the time comes. No, I pray I find that balance when the time comes. The one thing I can always rely on with my writing is the kind and selfless support of you my readers and fellow bloggers. Thanks for keeping me going!

5 Responses to “Got Time?”
  1. Posting something meaningful, poem or article, at least once every day is a statement of your commitment when you take on a task. I look forward to the alert arriving in my mailbox each morning, but if one doesn’t happen every day, I still know that what you write, when the time (and muse) allows itself, will be thought-provoking and worth waiting for!

  2. Jim Borden says:

    I came across your blog through your post at Blog of the Wolf Boy. I wish you the best in your job search, and in your writing.

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