Forever Young

It has been a long hard fight

This battle to stay young

Pretending to not know the words

When the old songs are sung


Wardrobe ever changing

To keep pace with the style

But keeping the old in hopes

Retro makes it worthwhile


The graying of mane

A hard sight to see

As hard as finding hair

Where it just shouldn’t be


Joints ache and creak

With the simplest of moves

The weight at the waist

Not easily removed


The face lined and worn

With each passing year

Watching my youth

Slowly disappear


More time has gone past

Than is left yet to come

But I’m not giving up

For I still have some


I’ll keep on fighting

While there is breath in my lungs

For it is my heart

That will forever be young

3 Responses to “Forever Young”
  1. Hi Brad, I nominated you for Mystery Blogger Award 👇🤓

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