Exhale ©

She walks into the room
A jolt shoots up my spine
Followed by an involuntary gasp
My muscles tighten
Then I blink
For my eyes cannot fathom such beauty
She takes another step towards me
And as if she radiates some unknown force
The feelings intensify
Those blue eyes begin to look up
Thoughts run through my head at the speed of light
Her eyes stop on me
My muscles now totally locked
Then our eyes meet
This has to be the point were my life flashes before me
Because my heart is seconds from exploding
The eyes of the angel unlock as she makes her way to her seat
I regain control over my body
And I remember to exhale

4 Responses to “Exhale”
  1. Powerfully written!

  2. Jim Borden says:

    nice! seems like it’s begging for a sequel!

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