Three Suitors

Three Suitors ©


The night was cool and the moon shown bright

I had waited a lifetime for this night

To know my love and with her lay

Until the sunrise brought the day


Down the walk and up the stair

Expecting my love standing there

Instead, in shock, my eyes behold

Three other men at her threshold


Had I misjudged how she felt

What cruel joke had life just dealt

My anger rose and considered flight

But they’ll not win without a fight


Resigned for now to wait my turn

I pondered why my love she spurned

As one by one she bade them in

I’d never seen her so brazen


I decided then that she would pay

But what curse or words would I say

Searched I did, but found no clue

But she would know that we were through


Lastly the door opened to me

My mind feared what I might see

Enter did I, all filled with rage

To witness all three within a cage


Locked and bound and set away

I now knew not what to say

It seemed I’d come to the wrong place

The shock and anger seen on my face


This surely must be some grand mistake

Then she to me leaned and softly spake

“My foolish love, why angered you?”

“Can you not see what it is I do?”


“I captured these three and enslaved is true”

“To offer them up as a gift to you”

“Introductions needed for them and thee”

“My dear, meet Love and Hope and Destiny”

3 Responses to “Three Suitors”
  1. Hi Brad, well written, it was a like movie script writing for a suspense thriller.

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