Old Words


Daily the grind

To find the words

To pen the line

As yet unheard

To offer thoughts

Or new insight

Uniqueness sought

In the words I write

To pen the phrase

That elusive notion

Starts my days

Puts pen in motion

And write I do

Of this and that

The past eschewed

Yet words seem flat

Regurgitated spiel

Of greater men

Is what I feel

Flows through the pen

What kind of writer

Must I surely be

If nothing brighter

Is there to see

What hope is mine

For those well read

To write the line

Yet left unsaid

But write I must

Old words renewed

With kindness I trust

They will be viewed

But nothing new

Have I to say

New words to few

Just for today

2 Responses to “Old Words”
  1. Jim Borden says:

    a nice ode to writers and writing!

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