So Cold

Cold and hard, encapsulated in ice, the wounded heart barely beats.

Even when the sunlight, breaching the constant clouds, makes it to the surface, it cannot penetrate to the core.

It melts only the thinnest of layers and brings no warmth or sustenance.

And the nights that follow again freeze any liquid before it can evaporate and disappear for good.

The small trickles that escape a literal drop in the bucket.

There it sits pale and blue.

Capable of so much if only it could fully thaw.

But the nova needed is the death of the star.

Freeing the heart to find nothing of its savior remaining but a flash of light.

Where is the penetrating heat and fire that can overcome this frigid domain?

Where the spark that starts that fire?

Where the hands to gently warm without holding on too tight?

I hope to find you before the frostbite sets in and the heart is lost forever.

8 Responses to “So Cold”
  1. meenawalia says:

    Lovely poem.Thanks for Sharing.

  2. These are very touching words. 💧🐬💦

  3. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. Great poem too Brad.

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