Thanks Again

Happy Labor Day one and all! In your celebrations, please be mindful of all the people who don’t get the holiday off. Be thankful to the people, professions, and service providers which are 24/7/365. In our modern society we have become so accustomed to not having to do without, that we sometimes forget the sacrifices others make for us.

I had considered writing a brief and (hopefully) entertaining piece on the history of Labor Day, but after writing the first paragraph, I felt the need to again convey my own thanks to the people who support me.

I had returned to writing my blog this past May, after many years of being absent. I want to thank my sister, Jody, for rekindling the fire which still burns bright today. If not for her, the 120 posts that I have posted since returning would have never existed, much less been shared with others. Sis, you are, and always have been, my greatest champion. You have my undying love!

I also want to thank my followers. The people who saw something in my writing that made them want to return and read more. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. I would hug each one of you if I could, hoping that it would, in some small way, convey how precious each one of you are to me. You make me feel like we are all in this together, and that is an amazing feeling.

I also want to thank my casual readers. Thank you for stopping by and for giving of your time to read my work. In a hectic world with such great demands on our time, I want you to know that the giving of yours has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

Thank all of you for all the “likes”. I know that clicking that button is a conscious choice. You are not only kind with your support, but you also help me to recognize what writings are relatable, good, or not so good. And for any writer, that is an invaluable metric to be able to lean on.

But most of all, I want to thank my commenters. The people who took time to write such endearing words of support and praise. I often do not feel worthy of your kind words, but they bolster and encourage me regardless of whether I feel worthy or not. To me, the “likes” are a one-armed, hip-to-hip, hug of a friend. But comments are a two-arm, full-body bear hug of family.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Hope you enjoy the holiday!

5 Responses to “Thanks Again”
  1. You give me too much credit! The truth is that I need you much more than you need me. Okay, so I shook awake the sleeping muse, but it is YOUR muse – I deserve no credit for merely reawakening it. Honestly, part of my inspiration for starting my own blog is because of what I see you get from posting.

    This is a wonderful and meaningful blog for all of your readers. It’s always nice to know that readers gain inspiration and insight through many of our posts. I await each post you will share, admiring your style of writing as well as the topic itself.

    I love you. I can’t not love you. Hell, I like you! You are such an important part of my life that I’d want you in it even if we weren’t related!

  2. meenawalia says:

    Thanks Jody for without ur encouragement, we would have been deprived of such good reads.😊

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