Not Always

I will not always know how you feel, my own experiences saving me from the personal pains that only you can fully understand. But I can be understanding and steady in those times of greatest upheaval.

I will not always see what you need, my actions or words the clairvoyant rescue to fill a longing. But ask for anything, knowing I will give my all to help you find it and share in your greater joy.

I will not always say what you want to hear. But I will always be honest in my words, with you, and with myself. I will temper my honesty with compassion for your feelings but will never leave you in doubt of my own.

I will not always be the knight in shining armor riding to the rescue. But I can be supportive and kind in helping you to find your own strength to overcome.

I will not always have the answers. But I will not leave because some are hard to find. I will search for the answers with you and strive to be a light in the darkness.

I will not always have the correct perspective. But I can listen and be open to changing my view. I can admit how my own fears and pain color my vision and seek the larger rainbow you desire to share.

I will not always be who I am now, personal growth being inevitable. But I can always strive to become a better person rather than a lesser one. And I can share the path as we seek our better selves together.

The only always I can promise is, I will always love both the you that you are and the you that you will not always be.

22 Responses to “Not Always”
  1. meenawalia says:

    Dream.of every woman..u r perfect the way you are and m sure u will be appreciated and cherished.God bless!!

  2. Wonderfully written Brad, your words are stringed beautifully into sentences in a flow. Wish to read more of such great writings from you.

    • Brad Osborne says:

      I enjoy writing prose. Without the restriction of meter and rhyme scheme, it seems easier to fully articulate my feelings. I am glad you enjoyed it and I thank you deeply for your unwavering support!

  3. You’re welcome, and pleasure is mine in reading such great posts.

  4. You made me tear up! I doubt I could ever find the words to tell you exactly who you are in my life and my relationship with you, but you found the words for me! If it’s possible, I love you even more after reading this!

    • Brad Osborne says:

      Wow! As someone who has read everything I have ever written, your comment touched my heart too. It is not possible for you to love me more, as you have always given me all your love to start with. I hope you can feel all my love in return!

  5. There’s something very endearing about that last paragraph. The you that you will not always be…

    Still trying to wrap my head around it exactly but I think I know what you mean by that. The bad qualities we sometimes show do not define us.

    • Brad Osborne says:

      You certainly picked up the underlying message. When I fall short of being what a partner needs or wants, which will inevitably happen, I want them to know that it is not from a lack of love or caring, it is just because I am human and flawed. Thanks for your comment and continued support Mathew. Hope orientation is as entertaining for you as your posts are for the rest of us!

  6. shannalee73 says:


  7. Jim Borden says:

    well, that’s about the best promise one can make; nicely said.

  8. kenyacara says:

    I love your poetry and am myself an aspiring poet. Your blog caught my attention immediatly. I would love it if you could contact me back. Kind regards, Kenya

    • Brad Osborne says:

      Welcome to the community Kenya! And thank you for your kind words. We are all still ‘aspiring’ also, but I am happy to make contact with you. Thank you for reading and following my posts! Brad

      • kenyacara says:

        Thank you for replying to me, it means so much. Your poetry is really inspiring and so are your takes on certain things. It is just amazing what your words do. I showed your work to my friends and they all loved it over the moon

      • Brad Osborne says:

        Thank you Kenya! IT warms my heart to know your friends received it so well. When I finally publish a book of poetry, it will have come from the support of writers like you. Here is my email if you want to talk in private:

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