If It Was Me

A blessed life has shaped me

In so many ways

Molding and carving

The me I am today


Fate ever so kind

With the trials I face

Never unloved

Or lacking for embrace


My needs met fully

For the bulk of my years

Always friends and family

To dry unwanted tears


Never knowing hunger

Or devoid of some means

Sheltered and protected

From life’s stormy scenes


Schooled and tutored

To think and speak well

But free to express

Not held by some spell


I have lived a full life

I’ve loved and I’ve lost

Experience not coming

Without its own cost


But the woes of life

For me have been few

Compared to all that

Others go through


If it was me

That sits all alone

Near the cardboard box

That I now call home


If it was me that sits

All dirty and poor

My hunger the reason

For the food I beg for


If it was me to which life

Had not been so fair

Would it make a difference

Would you then care


But there for the grace

It could easily be me

Would it change how you feel

Or affect what you see


Walking by ignoring the need

As we too oft choose to do

Remember, this could be me

And just as easily you


Look on those who need the most

Your bounty in life readily share

Remind them that life

Will not always be unfair

2 Responses to “If It Was Me”
  1. Jim Borden says:

    beautiful thoughts on being grateful and sharing; we could all do more of both.

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