The Lone Wolf – A Poem

One of my favorite Canuck bloggers, Mathew, of Blog of the Wolf Boy, posted an article in which he issued a challenge to his readers. Here is my poetic answer to that challenge.

Singular set of prints

Fade into distant snow

Scarring a tacit hint

In valley far below

Points of greying shadow

As cast by setting sun

The only way to know

A lonely pack of one

If winter sky decrees

Fresher blanket of snow

Nothing left for to see

Nothing left that will show

Passage of valiant beast

Master of his domain

Brave, lone wolf heading east

Ne’er to be seen again

His howl the reminder

Through distant barren peaks

Still looking to find her

The family that he seeks

Life of being just one

Will fail to see him through

A loner’s life now done

Behold the strength of two

5 Responses to “The Lone Wolf – A Poem”
  1. Another great entry. Well done, “behold the strength of two”. Love it. 🐺🐺🌲🌚

  2. Jim Borden says:

    nice response to the challenge. I felt bad for the lone wolf, which means your poem worked at getting to my emotions!

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