‘Reflected Truth’ Poem on ‘It’s All About Love’

My latest poem, ‘Reflected Truth, available now, only at It’s All About Love’!

Here’s why:

I have led a unique and well-travelled life. It has afforded me the opportunity to do and see things best described as outside the norm. And as a reckless youth, I jumped at every chance to experience the unusual. I had resigned myself to a life without many ‘firsts’ left to cross off the list. But, as always, I was mistaken.

Recently, I was asked to write a ‘guest post’ for another site, and this was my latest ‘first’ in life. And though I was immediately a little nervous, the adventurer in me could not be denied and I readily accepted the great honor.

I had written in response to a writing challenge before, as I did for Mathew at Blog of the Wolf Boy, with my posts ‘The Lone Wolf – A Challenge Accepted’ and ‘The Lone Wolf – A Poem’. But this felt completely different. I was being asked not to write a particular post for my blog, but to write a post to be seen on someone else’s blog. As a writer, my own questioning and doubt about the value, beauty, or art that is my work, seemed to increase the stress of this request.

Through Mathew’s interview series ‘Behind the Author’, I had gotten to know Yeka, the author behind ‘It’s All About Love’. This effervescent and delightful sprite of a woman may be new to blogging, but her passion and purpose is timeless. Her obsession with all things love is manifested in her sincere desire to love and support her fellow writers. Her following and readership has blossomed in this air of acceptance, love, and community. In part, this recognition of her work must owe dues to the fact that her uplifting and caring spirit permeate her website and are both contagious and addictive. You cannot visit her site and not leave feeling a little better about the world we live in. She is such a unique and loving soul.

So, when she asked me to write a ‘guest post’, I was flattered and a bit scared. I wanted my offering to do justice to her site and her readers. And what in the world would I write about? This was all new to me and I didn’t even know what the etiquette was in receiving such an honor.

As luck would have it, I had just completed, but not yet published, my poem ‘Reflected Truth’. And by coincidence, her series ‘Mirrors’ highlights poetry about life and love. To both of us it seemed a fateful pairing. So, I sent my poem along to her to be posted on her website and she graciously agreed.

I decided to make this poem, ‘Reflected Truth’, only available through her website, ‘It’s All About Love’, to in some small way thank her for her kindness and generosity. I encourage my readers to look around while you are there. To not make the time would be to walk past a garden full of roses and not tarry in their scent.

In the future, I look forward to sharing her ‘guest post’ in return, here at Commonsensiblyspeaking. Crossing off yet another first for me.

My latest poem, Reflected Truth’, available now, only at It’s All About Love’!

P.S. Yeka was also the guest host in Mathew’s ‘Behind the Author – Blog of the Wolf Boy’ series, where she turns the tables on Mathew and puts him in the guest chair for an interview. A delightful and insightful read!

5 Responses to “‘Reflected Truth’ Poem on ‘It’s All About Love’”
  1. Your poem, yet again, is filled with emotion. Knowing your face, I found myself looking at you in the mirror as I read it. I was moved by the strength in you I take for granted, never stopping to think that you would question yourself in any regard. The insight of how you see yourself will no doubt make me rethink who you are.

    • Brad Osborne says:

      Thank you sis! I question myself in many regards, with true introspection I think we all do on some level. I just may be very adept at hiding my perceived shortcomings. The external bravado leaving no room for doubts.

  2. Cant wait to check it out. Thanks for all the shout outs 😊🥳

  3. YBP says:

    Wow super thanks for your heartiest appreciation, Brad! It was my pleasure and honor to have you Guest Post on IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE!!! May you continue to inspire our WP community with your awesome poetry and profound insights! 😀❤️☀️😀❤️☀️😀❤️☀️

  4. YBP says:

    Reblogged this on IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE and commented:
    My heart danced when I saw this heartfelt appreciation from Brad of Commonsensiblyspeaking! Do give him a special visit and be inspired with his awesome poetry! 😀❤️☀️😀❤️☀️😀❤️☀️

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