Warm Westward Wind

Warm westward wind doth fly on wing

Parching land far as eye can see

No cloud or storm will soon you bring

To quench my sun baked misery

Without recourse you arid blow

Across cracked and barren brown lands

Hot leathered coils what you bestow

These callused, sun burnt cowboy hands

Old paint’s sweat does fine saddle drape

Blanket drips from the efforts made

No tree or billow slight escape

Horizon bodes but little shade

Blow dust and tumbleweed along

Grained blizzard of hot thankless sand

Saguaro keep so brave and strong

Desert sentries making a stand

No choice save I but stay the course

This direction alone my path

Be kind to me and spare my horse

You searing and constant wrath

Until bedroll makes campsite

This path I must assured stay

Respite in the chilled desert night

‘Morrow to east you blow I pray

Relent for now my mighty foe

To better days my hopes are pinned

No matter where it is I go

I may face warm westward wind

11 Responses to “Warm Westward Wind”
  1. meenawalia says:


  2. Kenya says:

    WOW. Just Wow. Your use of imagery. I really love this poem. Your poem is written in a really old english (I mean that as the biggest compliment as I am a major Shakespear fan). I hope that you post more soon.
    Kind regards

  3. Hey Brad, would you mind reaching out to me on my contact page? I would have reached out to you but I see you have none. I’d like to just pick your brain a little bit, if you don’t mind.

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