Under This Rock

Under this rock

I choose to live

Feign not your shock

No reason give

Easier it be

Shadowed small crack

They see not me

Ne’er I look back

Great weight presses

This I must bear

Less the stresses

Of world out there

Ignorant bliss

Happier here

The things I miss

All things I fear

Home in the dark

Safe from the world

Words leave no mark

When hatred hurled

Troubles you make

Life in the sun

Shale will not shake

Safety is won

Sunlight has burned

Pale, fragile me

Leave rock unturned

Let my home be

Safety renew

Scared I would be

To live life true

Exposing me

Content but cramped

Where I take stock

My life revamped

Under this rock

3 Responses to “Under This Rock”
  1. Jim Borden says:

    I hope at some point everyone comes out from under their rock and shares their gift with the world!

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