Reflected Truth

For those who may have missed the previous post with the unpublished release of “Reflected Truth” on ‘It’s All About Love‘, I thought I would take another opportunity to share it here:

When I look into the mirror

Is it me I really see

Or some mere reflection

Of who I want to be


The face seems familiar

A two-dimensional view

But holds no depth of soul

The me does not shine through


I see deep lines and furrows

Carved by passing years

They do not show life full lived

No tell of steadfast fears


I see a mouth, a nose, and ears

Where they were just yesterday

I wonder if I would want to hear

What this man has to say


I worry if the man gazing back

Knows me like he should

Does he see a lesser person

Or perceive a lesser good


How do I tell this man

My failures on this side

To meet the expectations

To live our lives with pride


He must share my looks

Always shares my sorrow

For when he looks back at me

He’s hoping for tomorrow


Is this who I really am

This flat and time-worn face

I’d hoped for a greater man

To stare back in his place

2 Responses to “Reflected Truth”
  1. meenawalia says:

    So many compromises and adjustments in life make us into someone who is so different from our real self that we cannot even recognize or relate to.Thats life..Expectations really are the root cause of that’s what I tell myself..did what I had to and will do what I gotta do for survival.

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