Ghost Girl

A different course I would take

Had I been much earlier warned

That closeness just for closeness sake

Would make our love turn so forlorn

Foolish did I leap with both feet

Never trying to hold love back

Doing less reeks of incomplete

Half-hearted the efforts I lack

Unaware of the fears you hold

I chose the best of me to give

Sorry now in my being bold

Penetrating the life you live

I did not account for your fears

The reasons you push me away

The absence not marked by my tears

Just sadness your choice not to stay

This to us is all shiny new

And your life so mad hectic now

You struggle hard to see it through

Easier without me somehow

I tried to be patient and wait

Till unrequited love be post

But it appears to be my fate

That you vanish like haunting ghost

So, I am now left all alone

Pondering my warranted fear

If a change in your heart be shown

Would I let you again come near

Or has this game been well played out

Leaving me in a condition

You leave me with some aching doubt

And I fear your apparition

Shimmering and vapored woman

Spook someone else’s hallowed night

I recognize boding omen

Ghosts shan’t abide in loving light

So, vanish like a childhood fear

Like a strange sound in the closet

No longer are you allowed here

No belief in ghosts I posit

9 Responses to “Ghost Girl”
  1. Jim Borden says:

    nicely done; rhyming closet and posit – impressive!

  2. meenawalia says:

    Maybe the reason is very genuine and she us helpless.

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