Guest Post by Yeka Batucan-Palileo

Welcome to my first guest post ever! I am breaking the seal on guest posts by sharing a wonderful post by an even more wonderful young woman. Yeka has been one of my most supportive readers, always leaving comments with genuine love and kindness that keep me from losing my way as I struggle to hone my craft and be relevant in an ever diverse and changing world. I have never met someone more in love with the concept of love. She exudes it in every post and word. Please take the time to visit her at ‘It’s All About Love‘. How this young woman can be so caring and giving through her own struggles is an amazing story in itself, so please visit her site and discover for yourself how powerful love can be!




In life’s amazing journey, we begin and end with LOVE! ❤️

So what do we do in between???

We live, we grow, we learn, we fall, we rise, we give, we receive, we share, we care, we get hurt, we forgive, we hurt others, we ask forgiveness, we have questions, we clarify, we answer questions, we enlighten, we help, we partner, we collaborate, we get lost, we find our way back, we recalculate, we recalibrate, we reassess, we readjust, we pause, we stop, we go on……and so the amazing cycle goes on and on ….. just as our daily lives go on and on.

We sail through clear waters and turbulent seas. We fly through tranquil skies and heavy thunderstorms. We walk through smooth, straight paths and bumpy, circuitous roads. We relish our sweet and spicy adventures and take respite from unforeseen challenges. 

Yes, in life’s amazing journey, we begin and end with LOVE! ❤️

So what do we do in between???

We live ….. we love! 


We were all born in love. We were all born through love. We were all born for love. 

And without love, we all just die. The most unbearably painful, meaningless, lonely death.

So what better way to truly live than to truly love?

And while we’re at it, on the grandest scale, we live our lives to the fullest, to the brightest, to the happiest, to the over-the-mountain peak, to the sky’s-the-limit richest levels.



My most sincere thanks to Yeka for taking the time to write this guest post for my blog. Visit her at ‘It’s All About Love‘ anytime you need a reminder of what love is and how powerful it can be!

6 Responses to “Guest Post by Yeka Batucan-Palileo”
  1. YBP says:

    Ohhh thank you so much again Brad! You have blessed me with the honor to have you Guest Post on IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE! And now, I am doubly honored as you invited me to Guest Post on Commonsensiblyspeaking! What a wonderful collaboration!!! Here’s to many more happy blessings ahead!!! ❤️💚💙🧡💛💜

  2. Jim Borden says:

    what a great choice as your first guest blogger – well done Yeka!

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