Family Bonds

My dear friend Yeka, of ‘It’s All About Love’, had recently suggested I write a series on familial bonds, as she is familiar with my deep love and devotion to my sister, Jody. I am considering this as a series but must first ensure that I have the time to devote to enlisting other bloggers for guest posts, as it would be difficult for me to carry that type of series on my own. I think a series giving other bloggers an opportunity to talk about their important family bonds and how they have influenced their lives would be uplifting and well received. I am taking it under diligent consideration.

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But it did lead to the desire to, at least, post an entry about my bond with my sister. The immediate thought was about how we define family.

Most often the definition is relative to genetics. For siblings it is the genetics of sharing the same parents. But my sister is really my half-sister. We share the same mother. Her father and our mother divorced, and my father had adopted both her and my half-brother (her full brother) before I was ever born.

But I have never thought of her as a half-sister or my brother as a half-brother and have never made reference to it unless someone asked directly. I do, and always will, call her my sister. Our bond as siblings has nothing to do with the genetics of our birth or lineage. She has been my sister in our home for as long as I have been alive. Never thought of as less or half of anything. To be quite frank, we could share no blood bond and she would still be my sister in every sense of the word.

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I found this same kind of bond in special forces. The men I served with were brothers to me in every way. A family you would lay your life down for. We did not share parentage, upbringing, or geography to create that bond. We simply had committed ourselves to caring for each other in any way necessary. And that is what makes family.

Sure, you can hang on to the technical definition relating to genetics, but that is not what defines family. People in our lives become family to us whether we are related or not. It comes from the importance they have in our lives. They are the people we can rely on in any situation. The people who have our backs. People who sincerely care about your well-being and happiness. People who put you before themselves. People who will stand by you through thick and thin. And this has little to do with genetics or parentage until you seek a technical definition

My sister, Jody, is my half-sister, but she has never been half of a sister to me in anything in my life. She may be my adopted sister, but I didn’t adopt her at some point, she was my sister the day I came out of our mother’s womb. We could share no genetics and she would still be the loving and caring sister I have always known, who has cared for and worried about me for my entire life.

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In a world full of labels that separate and categorize us as people, I am proud to call her my sister. You can argue the genetics all you want, but our history together would prove otherwise.

To my loving sister I would say this. Although, there were times as kids we may have wished the other not be our family, I would not have had the joy in life I have been blessed with, if you had not been a part of it. You are my sister and always will be. If somebody wants to say you are something less because of genetics, they are going to get a full dose of wisdom from me, because no one messes with my family.

If you would be interested in contributing to a series on family bonds, please let me know in the comments. Thank you, as always, for your readership and support!

P.S. – My sister may not be happy about me sharing these old family pictures, but hey, that is what real brothers do!

9 Responses to “Family Bonds”
  1. I would find it difficult to find enough words to write a full blog post about you as my brother. We had our sibling moments as children, and a few moments in our earlier adulthood, but there is simply NO ONE I trust, without question, the way I trust you. People might be surprised to hear what some of our conversations are like, as no topics are off-limits between the two of us. And although I have other people near and dear to me who I consider ‘family’ as well, our relationship well surpasses any of those. You truly are my family of heart.

    As for the photos – ugh! But hey, two of the three also show you in those lovely plaid sport coats, so I’m no more damaged by them than you should be! LOL

    • Brad Osborne says:

      Love you sis! It was hard to post photos sporting those lovely old fashions, but hey, the past is the past. The worst part is I can’t even claim they were just unfortunate hand me downs. They were likely purchased for me by someone with no flair for fashion…LOL!

  2. YBP says:

    OH MY HEART!!! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕 I’m tearing up Brad ….. firstly, because you actually respectfully considered my suggestion for your possible series (FAMILY BONDS) as I know how deeply you love your sister and family …. and secondly, because I now appreciate even more deeply your shared bond with your sister …. reminds me too oh my deep sweet family bond with my very own family! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕 Guess what, to show my deepest appreciation, I will share this special post of yours….. and in the future, I will gladly contribute to your series by sharing my very own Family Bond too! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕 AGAIN, THANKS WITH MUCH LOVE!!! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕

    • Brad Osborne says:

      You are always too kind to me. Thank you for sharing my post. I would love to have you contribute with something about the family you so dearly love. Whether this turns into a series or not has yet to be seen, but I will post anything you write happily.

      • YBP says:

        Aww how sweet! Please be patient with me ….. I’ve been busy with more and more of our WP community’s special Guest Posts on IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE….. Meanwhile, wooow was so happy …. I started following Jody too! She’s truly amazing and talented too!!!! Would love to have her over on IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE too! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️❤️💕

      • Brad Osborne says:

        I am sure if you were to ask Yeka, she would be happy to contribute!

      • YBP says:

        Wow would love that! I asked her on her blog …. hope she gets to read my comments and invitation 💕💕💕💕💕

  3. Jim Borden says:

    wonderful post about the power of family bonds; sounds like the two of you have a great relationship.

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