Forever it has been just dawn

The glowing horizon of promise

The faint hues that portend

The first ray of sunshine

The morning of un-warmed air

Caressing bare skin to a chill

Waiting with great hope

For the light’s warm embrace

Mist and shadow deceive

The eyes strain to see form

Nothing seems vibrant or alive

The vision but shades of muted grey

The world oddly quiet and still

What transpires in this long moment

Goes by with little notice

The soul gives but rote response

The fast of the unbroken night

Creating a hunger and thirst

Steady and unsated

Its needs rise to recognition

The heart sits alone and wanting

In the constant twilight glow

It longs to share itself

With the hidden orb of life

Then you break into my day

You bring the warmth and light

You feed and nourish the hungry soul

You seek the heart and embue your fire

You are my rising star

You are my sun

May I never know the night again

2 Responses to “Sunrise”
  1. meenawalia says:


  2. Jim Borden says:

    well said; give me the sunrise over the sunset any day!

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