Night Rider

The twilight comes too fast now

Midday sun not near as high

Season running out somehow

Cooler wind in cloudless sky

She calls me to the saddle

Too few hours in short day

So onto her I straddle

One headlight to show the way

Sunset throws a darker hue

Leathers stiffen in the chill

Darkness narrows headlight’s view

Yet the ride is worthy still

Car passes like shadowed ghost

Headlights like fireflies aglow

Magically they seem to coast

Flying with no place to go

Different as the nighttime feels

There is still great joy to find

Darkness does not scare two wheels

No ride has ever been unkind

Feared not the coming of midnight

As moon rises in starry sky

Worldly cares and worries take flight

As I enjoy this two-wheel high

One Response to “Night Rider”
  1. Jim Borden says:

    what a beautiful tribute to the joy one must feel while riding a motorcycle.

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