New Adages Volume II

I still haven’t figured out a witty way to present this material. You can read of my lament in my original post ‘New World Adages’. A long dissertation on the differences between quotes, proverbs, and adages, finishing with a few hopeful additions to the book of words to live by. This will be shorter. Here’s some more additions:


Self is in the hollows in between events.


Not every tear is a sadness, nor every pat on the back a kindness.


Any foundation can be undone, save that of the spirit.


If you are unsure of your beliefs, look at what you do, not what you say.


The invisible twine that binds us all cannot be cut by the knife-edge of hate.


You should teach the man to fish, but you can also give him a fish until he catches his own.


Dreams should always appear to be unattainable goals, not realistic expectations.


We are most human when touched by pain or love, more so when both.


If love is blind, it should at least learn braille.


Take pause. Let doing nothing be your course of action for just a moment.


And here’s the original five from the previous post:


Heartbreak is like frostbite. You’ll survive, but not without losing something.


When strong winds blow, a leaf must choose to remain on the tree and live.


Even if we agree, it doesn’t make everyone else assuredly wrong.


Unseen, yet not left undone, is the hallmark of truly selfless giving.


Acceptance and agreement are not the same thing, nor do they need to be.

4 Responses to “New Adages Volume II”
  1. Jim Borden says:

    lots of good ones here – my favorite is the fish one! well done…

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