A Life

I lie when the honest words cut

Little fibs that save wounded heart

I cry for the ‘if’ and the ‘but’

Pitfall to best intentions at start

I sing my own little sad song

Unmelodic and humble voice

For those whose words are wrong

Because they at least had some choice

I sleep when the day is done

In comfort to many unknown

With prayers to the loving One

That, to them, some grace may be shown

I swear when I judge another

My curses at a better me

For every man is my brother

Even when it is hard to see

I worry every now and then

My petty mole hill fears

Not sure why I worry when

I have no cause for tears

I laugh when company is good

Rejoicing in shared connection

Taking away more than I should

A treasured human affection

I run because walking feels slow

Like travel without real purpose

I write when talking will not show

The words beneath the surface

4 Responses to “A Life”
  1. Jim Borden says:

    are those last two lines hinting at why you blog?

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