Full Hold



Twenty-three old salts set sail that day

And to a man a well-seasoned crew

Off to New Guinea is what they say

With fair winds and skies a cloudless blue

A touch of rain but nary a gale

They made near seven leagues ‘fore morning

Pulling the ropes and tending the sail

Gathering southern breezes warming

“Land ho” shouts the watch within a week

A pod of dolphins now bow’s escort

As the horizon reveals island peak

And the anchor is dropped in her port

The cunning Cap’n barters in trade

Keen rewards wait for his greedy lot

And when the last palm be spit, deal made

Nearly six tons of goods had they got

They jammed the hold full from stem to stern

And lashed large crates along sturdy rail

Working hard, dreams of what they would earn

Making anchor aweigh and full sail

The tides were right and breeze in the tails

Red sky backdrop to sunrise mornings

And old seafarers know of the tales

That start with the oldest of warnings

But sail they did, heading for home port

By noon the sky had darkened with form

A sign of Neptune’s fate they did court

As sea pitched and rolled with coming storm

Overladen and heavy the ship

In the winds she fought to stay upright

But in the waves strong lashings did slip

Cap’n feared they would not make the night

Proud sea beat and tossed wooden old girl

As water found a path to her keel

Mates set to the task of sails to furl

But the Cap’n could already feel

Their greed had overladen their boat

He knew the weight would be why they died

They fought the sea just to stay afloat

As mighty waves crashed over the side

When morning came on calm ocean blue

Flotsam and jetsam marked exact spot

Where lost to sea was Cap’n and crew

Davey Jones’ locker now where they rot

If not for their rampant, zealous greed

With us, to this day, they may be still

But when wave and wind are at once freed

It is sea Gods who make known their will




9 Responses to “Full Hold”
  1. Jim Borden says:

    greed is one of the seven deadly sins…

  2. jomz says:

    I like how your title can have multiple meanings with this piece. Well done!

  3. This is wonderful 🤗

  4. Harley Unhinged says:

    Amazing! ♥️🖤

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