MOS 8541



The butt pushes back into my shoulder

A crack resonates across valley green

In paper fifteen hundred yards away

Now a perfect small circle can be seen

It cycles and magazine feeds next round

My breathing slows as left eye closes tight

My cheek welded to warm synthetic stock

Right eye picks target through reticled sight

My finger moves imperceivably slow

As it removes the trigger’s tensioned slack

One final exhale stopping halfway through

Eight hundred grains of lead fly at the crack

Releasing the last remainder of breath

I strain through the scope in effort to spy

Another perfectly round dot of light

Staring back at me from center bullseye

It is a strong and quite beautiful thrill

Blessed savior on any given day

It is comforting to know you can kill

An engine block from near a mile away

This was the gift that was given to me

Marksmanship on a stand well above par

My only sense of any legacy

The stealth and skill to bring death from afar



3 Responses to “MOS 8541”
  1. Harley Unhinged says:

    I really want to try going to a shooting range 🤔

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