Busy Bees


In our busy bee lives

Taking care of our hives

With a need to be there

If there is everywhere

We set such frantic pace

Life blurs before our face

One errand to the next

No time to just reflect

The demands for our time

Noted by alarm chime

Pull us off once again

Triggered Pavlovian

It’s like our DNA

Holds over us such sway

That we can never sit

Taking solaced respite

And that is where it lies

A truth evading eyes

That in a moment still

Is found a greater will

Pause all for a short time

To drink in the sublime

Refresh and thus renew

Reason for all we do

Permitted a minute

Suckling world while in it

One moment gracious giving

The joy of our living

I do not mean to say

That you should take a day

But I will beg reckon

You can take a second

Commune with what is life

Unburden daily strife

Remember where you are

This hive beneath the stars



5 Responses to “Busy Bees”
  1. As we grow older, I think we better understand that “there” is not the point. The destination to there, if we take the time to savor it instead of race through it, is where we find our fondest and happiest moments! Good point!

  2. Jim Borden says:

    I will try to take a second to commune with what is life; well said.

  3. jupitergrant says:

    Fantastic message πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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