Forest Lambs


Wooden fingers snap syncopated beats

As sparks waft into the air like fireflies

Translucent oranges and reds rise in sheets

While white smoke dances into darkened skies


Coals glow with a fevered satanic fry

Consuming the eagerly sacrificed

Charred remains tumble and shift as they die

No feelings of loss or remorse enticed


Steadily I feed the dead but not done

Onto raging forest funeral pyre

Blazing symbol of another day won

A chance at some warmth before I retire


My thanks to you my round bark-covered friend

Certain this is not the end you desire

To the heavens your ringed soul I commend

Your short life given to fuel needed fire



4 Responses to “Forest Lambs”
  1. Jim Borden says:

    can’t help but think of the fires in California as I read this…

  2. Harley Unhinged says:

    A beautifully written wake up call 🖤♥️

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