Measured Life


We are blessed beyond measure

But rarely do we treasure

All the things with which we’re blessed

Wanting more we do attest

A missed salon appointment

Is seen a disappointment

But when all is done and said

There are those without a bed

We eat well beyond our fill

Sad no room for dessert still

While others their feast eschewed

Struggling daily to find food

Can’t wear clothes that are too old

Adorning ourselves with gold

Others hide in cardboard fold

No warm clothes to stave off cold

We live in a spacious home

Castles made of mason’s stone

With no place to lay their head

Some under sky roof instead

Kind love from family and friends

Our support that never ends

The weight of life barely known

Not for the one all alone

Why can we not learn to share

Find a way to show more care

Those around us who have less

A chance for their lives to bless

Why do we horde earthly things

When no greater joy it brings

Why do we not care to know

Those who have been blessed less so

Humanity calls brother

Look out for one another

And the truth in how we live

Is measured in what we give



8 Responses to “Measured Life”
  1. As a society, we’re often too busy grumbling about all that we don’t have to stop and realize the blessings of all we do have! Eloquently poetic on this!

  2. Jim Borden says:

    beautiful words, Brad. Reminds us to not only be grateful for what we have but to share what we have with those less fortunate.

  3. jupitergrant says:

    A beautiful and thoughtful piece. Lovely 🌷

  4. Harley Unhinged says:

    Yes, yes, yes. Sometimes we just need a friendly reminder to be grateful. We have so much more than others.

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