One Grain of Sand



You speak to me of your great deed

How you have carved yourself into the land

A persistent and egotistical need

Sought by only one so frail as a man


You rise to sit above all other beasts

And consume the rest out of hand

Your existence spawns parasitic feasts

Like locust you devour the land


You think that you have done and seen it all

Building your monuments to your kind

But as with all things will come the fall

You will be forgotten and left behind


For I have seen earth from nigh heaven

And swam the depths of ocean far below

Blown across the vast deserts of Yemen

And fallen with alpine blanket of snow


I have seen so much more than you

Of this Mother earth that is so grand

And yet my being not thrust into view

Like your rape and pillage of the land


But I will still be here when you are done

Watch the passing of this virus that is man

Your own fatal demise is surely spun

And witnessed by this one grain of sand



7 Responses to “One Grain of Sand”
  1. Ultra-powerful words! Love this!

  2. Jim Borden says:

    that certainly puts us in our place! well done.

  3. Harley Unhinged says:

    Absolutely brilliant ♥️🖤

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