You may place your faith in ancient rustic Gods

Omnipresent Being in heavenly place

I will not suggest your beliefs are frauds

But where you say they live is just empty space


And where you see the world as work of Great hands

Intrinsic and intertwined Mother Nature

Seems to move ahead with her own set of plans

Not needing a higher-powered kind favor


And what God exists to allow the worst pain

beset against a person in need like this

If from such suffering, He cannot refrain

Then it Is suffered by a child claimed His


Save your millennial old mystic voodoo

For there have been Gods throughout humanity

And to think there is much more in what we do

Is product of ego and great vanity


Behavior shaped by fear of life eternal

Mine by simpler tenet, knowing wrong from right

I will be gone and you communed Fraternal

When we both greet our beliefs in the long night


I don’t begrudge you your steadfast faith

When it’s obvious in all you do and say

For every true religion on its face

Commands to treat all people a precious way


Put aside, for now, my odd differing view

Place differences aside for brotherhood

In both our worlds where blessings are way too few

We both know what’s needed for the greater good




6 Responses to “Godless”
  1. I know that your spiritual place is not what society considers to be the “norm”, but I also know that you live your life – in words and in actions – with true love, high values, an intrinsic sense of brotherhood and many more positive attributes. That matters more to me, especially having viewed so many so called “devout Christians” behaving in so many ways that are not according to their alleged faith. I saw something the other day, a sign that read “God appreciates an honest atheist more than a dishonest Christian”. Take that!

    • Brad Osborne says:

      As a Taoist, I inherently respect all other faiths. We find derision in how our beliefs differ because they define our greater power. And even I cannot argue that point. But no religion, not one of them, is granted to power to define love. It is left to humanity to define the grand concept of love. And if any definition of love does not included acceptance, tolerance, and the cherishing of every other person, than we are defining it poorly. Every one of us. And our differing spiritual beliefs aren’t the cause of that.

  2. Harley Unhinged says:

    Loved this, especially the mention of voodoo

  3. jupitergrant says:

    This is really well crafted, Brad, as always.

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