A Way to Forget



The things you said hang from my rearview mirror

And I hear them every time I look behind me

Seeing the past all a little bit clearer

The haunting making it harder to find me


Every calculated touch somehow given count

Adding up to a debt I did not sign for

Even if I could pay this soulful amount

I would still feel each one just as before


Every memorized kiss another sturdy link

In the chain that binds me to you

Your name written in indelible ink

Scarring heart where the black bleeds through


How do you still so easily creep

Into random thoughts had years apart

Why do you still come in my sleep

And tear at my still healing heart


What is this illness that makes bleed

Regrets and ruin gushing back in red

Like bloodhound with your quarry treed

I cannot get you out of my head


They say that time heals all things

And I can only hope this be true

Or at least old age and dementia bring

A way to forget about you




10 Responses to “A Way to Forget”
  1. Sad but beautiful in its eloquence! Well done!

  2. Jim Borden says:

    there seems to be a common thread running through many of your recent poems; loved the opening lines with the rearview mirror analogy; well done.

  3. Harley Unhinged says:

    This is stunning, Sir. Delicately somber and romantic. Very well done.

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