Isle of Man



Our love born within the heart of a volcano

Molten desire heated by an explosive core

An amalgam of hopes and dreams shared

Churning in the crucible of rampant passion

The pressures beg some grand release

Some throwing off of ancient rock and earth

In the great cataclysm of fiery dispute

We are spewed like so much dust and dirt         

Our love pours forth from glaring crack

Flowing out as if breath exhaled

A worldly sigh of relief in glowing red

Some relent to the heart’s infernal fires

I flow out and away in a burning path

My wrath laid upon the innocent close few

Until time and tide cool and solidify

What remains of me a hardened view

But I will make it to waters soothing edge

And there I will again plant my feet

As I form a new island version of me

Where without you I am complete




10 Responses to “Isle of Man”
  1. Jim Borden says:

    Brad, I loved this one; one of your best! great ending with “a new island version of me”. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Harley Unhinged says:

    Masterfully written 🖤

  3. Great imagery in this poem and an interesting metaphor for starting over again. Nice one brad 😉

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