One Breath



You were the ray of sun piercing my night

Bringing color and contrast to my hue

A glimmer of hope in the struggling fight

My life gleaming a bit brighter from you


You were the song which filled my wanting ears

A melodic tone of love with such grace

Your words found a path around ancient fears

Angelic chorus filling hallowed place


You were the beauty used as a measure

A masterpiece of art in flesh and bone

A pedestaled goddess of prized treasure

Created in heaven by Her alone


You were the breeze of fresh and fragrant air

When the drowning man needed to cheat death

I wish that it had been true love so rare

Yet your love lasted for one desperate breath




16 Responses to “One Breath”
  1. Harley Unhinged says:

    Absolutely gorgeous

  2. Fiery says:

    Beautiful. So tender and written with deep affection xx

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