A Hidden Family



We thought our childhood unique

A dysfunction so truly rare

Taught to listen not to speak

The secrets we cannot share


With parental inflection

The hypocrisy takes hold

Withheld wanted affection

A prize bartered and sold


In being the shining example

Of who I should strive to be

Honesty becomes trampled

Hidden sins no one can see


Everyone has their flaws

We were forced to admit ours

Proper when said duty calls

Everything must seem on par


All that I could learn from you

Kept in a dark and silent past

Left to wonder what words were true

The failings in light now cast


Surely some lessons were there

Something important to be learned

But talk of lives before so rare

When your past is cleared and burned


Why, when in life you stumbled

Untruths given with fragile pride

Could you not be more humbled

And show your human, flawed side


Maybe then I would not fear

That I now carry that same sin

Afraid to let anyone too near

Finding my truth somewhere within


Yes, I have failed in such glorious ways

Fallen short it could be easily said

But I will spend the rest of my days

Living my truth before I am dead


20 Responses to “A Hidden Family”
  1. PurpleStar says:

    So wonderfully done, and beautiful expressed. Love the message as well… Great poetry BradπŸ’œ

  2. How different would we be as the people we are now if we had been allowed to know truths that were hidden from us? For one thing, we’d be willing to accept our humanness to a greater degree without always striving to do better – be better. But, we cannot change the past – we have to learn to accept it and maybe, in time, forgive it – and take the lessons learned to heart so that we don’t make those same mistakes in our own lives. I say on this… the YOU of today has turned out pretty damned great, no matter how you got here!

    • Brad Osborne says:

      As I had hoped, you have the deeper understanding and closer perspective to understand where these words come from. I do not lament the path I have travelled, just always been confused why the path, at times, held so little real light. Learning includes recognizing the attributes in others that should not be emulated. So, in a way, it is all good! See you soon with many hugs and kisses!

  3. yassy says:

    These imperfections make us human. You write what we all go through , Brad. It’s okay to feel the way you do. We all do too in some point in our lives.

  4. GORGEOUS πŸ₯ΊπŸ’œ

  5. Harley Unhinged says:

    Sounds like me and my family. You have captured in verse my desire for truth.

    • Brad Osborne says:

      We all think our own families were uniquely dysfunctional, but truth is we all dealt with the same kind of shit. Like you, I could have done with a bit of honesty or openess in the earlier years. I am sorry that anyone ever made you feel like you didn’t deserve the truth. That is never the case! πŸ–€

      • Harley Unhinged says:

        I think it was just different times, love. For me, I grew up in the same town my Mom grew up in. It’s a garbage place now, but back then it was all families that had been there forever. Secrecy is just the way it was. My parents were the very first to get divorced in the community believe it or not, which got people talking. The more people talked, the more secrets unraveled.

      • Brad Osborne says:

        Secrets are like a thread on a sweater. All it takes is one good pull. And I would agree our childhoods were different eras, Thanks for the reminder of that. 🀨

      • Harley Unhinged says:

        Different eras than now darling. I wasn’t calling you old! 🀣

      • Brad Osborne says:

        I must have been projecting…sorry 😁

      • Harley Unhinged says:

        It’s ok. I just meant that when we were growing up, there was no social media or internet, so we didn’t have this over-sharing culture that we do now. Families kept things to themselves.

  6. Jim Borden says:

    Our experiences will always be part of who we are; what you make of them is up to you. Sounds like you have learned from those experiences and become a better person as a result.

  7. jupitergrant says:

    This is so relatable, Brad. So well put.

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