Apostrophe Ess



You have an odd philosophy

Possessive shown by apostrophe

As if all the material things

Buy gold harp and angelic wings


With these trappings you hope to show

Others your ego-tinted success

Polishing the you that others know

That will always be the greatest test


So much time spent in wanting more

That the real truths remain belied

So focused on filling your own stores

Needs of others easily denied


This rampant race to have the most

Beaconed economic position

Glorified by self-centered posts

A ‘better than you’ disposition


Thus, gather all the goods you can

Indebted to portrayed luxury

If that is your portentous plan

To be the best in society


I will offer but one small insight

Just one thing that you need to know

The only guide in a life lived right

Is not the having, but the letting go




7 Responses to “Apostrophe Ess”
  1. yassy says:

    Something in your verse , Brad that says maybe you are hurting , I don’t know but I feel it so I sat it because I write to unburden too.
    Anyways, I think for ya poets writers the gift is only one in life, that is the gift of poetry. I feel complete with this gift.

    • Brad Osborne says:

      Thank you Yasmine! I am sure there is pain in my words, sometimes my own and sometimes that of others. As you are someone who understands the fine and delicate differences between poetry and prose, I would agree that poetry is a gift to life. Your gift not only completes you, but it impacts the hearts and minds of your readers. That is where the true gift lies! Happiness to you and yours for the holidays!

  2. Love and share this philosophy! How different from our parents we are!

  3. jupitergrant says:

    Wonderful. That final stanza- that hit me!

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